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We Help You Stay Safe Online , Staying Safe over the Internet Shouldn’t be this Difficult”

The purpose of launching VPNTOP was to achieve the goal of privacy for every online user. Numerous researches and campaigns are carried out to find methods of tracking and monetizing our actions online. VPNTOP believes in the opposite of that. We want to provide you with the best data encryption technology that helps your online world stay problem free.

At a time where ‘Sharing Things’ is the top priority talking about privacy sounds crazy. But we believe sharing a Status with the world shouldn’t mean losing control of your information. Our actions online are not to be sold to marketing researchers. Our target is to provide you with the necessary equipment that gives the control of YOUR information in YOUR hands. ONLY YOU get to decide what gets shared and what doesn’t.

We believe that digitalization of our lives shouldn’t come at the cost of our basic privacy rights. We like to focus on our customers. With a ‘You’ mindset, we provide simple solutions that put you in the driving seat of your privacy.
We Welcome you to our Website , and Wish you a Safe Browsing Experience.

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