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Kerio is one of the best VPN services in the market right now. It is a threat management system that is developed by Kerio Technologies. Formerly known as Tiny Software, this company has created some life-changing online protection tools. Your information has never been safer than this.It provides VPN solutions, an integrated anti-virus tool and a bandwidth limited as well. In addition to this, the product offers a number of internet access management tools. These tools ensure a better and securer online experience.

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It is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. The VPN works on the basic mechanism like other networks. It allows you to remotely connect to their servers and then browse the internet in an encrypted environment.The private network runs smooth and connectivity is amazing.There are no lags or data losses almost as if the clients are physically connected.Kerio Client is available in three versions for the most popular operating systems. The tool is available for Microsoft Windows, The Mac Operating System from Apple and Linux from the Linux Foundation.

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Unlike other VPN services, this one provides you with the ability to create a persistent connection. Most of the services would require you to manually restart them whenever you restart your computer. Alternatively, this service allows reestablishing the connection whenever the machine is restarted.

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With an easy to use interface and smooth working, the VPN client performs exceptionally well. The software is developed with an automatic log generator. This does not track your activity but only collects non-private information in case of any error. The automatic logs are sent to the development team and the VPN client is kept error free. There are a lot of VPN Services available in the market right now. However, not a single one of them offers the diverse range of benefits offered by Kerio VPN. For the smartest possible VPN solution, it is a highly recommended product.

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