What is VPN

What is VPN (Virtual Private Network ) ?

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An unencrypted network is an unsecured network. All the information being transferred over it is vulnerable to being easily captured, recorded and used. Whether it is a conversation, entering of a password, communication with a client, everything that works over free WiFi is public for someone who is interested in getting that information. This creates issues relating to potential online crime. VPN is one magical tool that comes to the rescue for ordinary internet users.

VPN (Virtual private network )

what's-vpn,virtual private network , cisco vpn

Not only can a VPN service like the ones offered by Kerio provide encrypted access to ordinary information, but can also serve as a tool that removes content restrictions imposed by a country. Based on their parameters of censorship, certain countries restrict certain information from being accessed over the internet. This information can be easily accessed if you get the help of a quality VPN Service.

But what exactly is VPN? In the simplest possible way, VPN is an Internet Connection that works as smoothly as a normal connection , but hides your identity. It allows you to wear a cloak of invisibility while you get complete access to all of the services. All the computers connected to the Internet possess a certain ‘IP Address’ which helps it to be distinguished from other computers. VPN services use their special servers situated in different countries and replace the real computer address with their server address.

what's-vpn,virtual private network , cisco vpn

In addition to helping you not to get your identity compromised or your information from being stolen, it also offers encryption unlike the regular networks. All the information transferred over Virtual Private Network  is secured through their special coding systems. The servers are the only machine that can decode this information and gain access to it. No tampering or intrusions from third party is possible with the help of Virtual Private Network .With the benefits of these encryption services and ability to access any website without restrictions, Virtual Private Network proves to be a great tool for internet enthusiasts.


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