Terms And Conditions


terms and conditions ,refund policy


Your usage of this website and its services is governed by the mentioned Terms & Conditions. These conditions are strictly in relation to our website and services and not to any other activity , unless otherwise stated. Accessing these services, you agree to comply with the following terms.


Age Restriction

You, as a subscriber, undertake that you are either 18 years of age or are a minor who has been emancipated, or has a legal consent from parents or guardian and are fully competent to enter into this contract’s terms, conditions, representation, warranties and any obligations as mentioned in the following Terms & Conditions document. You also accede to the following Terms and Conditions.

Changes to these Terms and Conditions and/or our Platform/Services

You acknowledge our right to Adding, removing or editing Terms & Conditions either in part or as a whole whenever we may consider it necessary without issuing any notices whatsoever. Any changes related to Terms & Conditions will be published on this page. We advise you to visit this page frequently to stay updated about any minor or major changes we might make during intervals. Continuity to use our services means acknowledgement of the fact that you are obligated by the revised Terms & Conditions.


Policy for Using our Services

Users are obligated under the related laws and regulations that are related to the use of our services. The end user, by using these services acknowledges that the user or anyone using his account:

  • Does not use our services to relay any voluntary advertisement content or content which is categorized as “spam” regardless of the mode of communication adopted.
  • Does not use our services to relay any content that is considered “illegal” regardless of the mode of communication adopted. The illegal content also includes relaying child pornography material.
  • Does not use our services to relay any content by the means of posting, reproducing, distributing or uploading where such content is protected by a copyright document or any other right such as patents unless the copyright owner has granted his/her permission for posting, reproducing, distributing or uploading it
  • Does not engage in any actions which might affect other users’ from using or enjoying our services.
  • Does not engage, without authorization, in activities for exploration, access or connection to other communication devices through the help of our services.
  • Does not use our services in relaying, posting, transmitting, promoting, or reproducing any object that is harmful, illegal, vulgar, obscene, profane, hateful, racial, ethnic, or is objectionable or threatens, abuses, harasses or defames someone publically or privately. These acts also include actions that might result in contradicting the law and resulting in an offence, imposes a civil liability or results in the violation of any law, whether imposed by the state, federation or through an international body.
  • Does not engage in the usage of our services for any action that has an unlawful purpose.

Your account will be terminated where you are found guilty of breaching any term of this Usage Policy. No refunds will be offered for the amounts that have already been paid for use of our services. Users, in addition to these implications, will also bear entire responsibility for all the damages borne by VPNTOP in relation to pursuing any legal cases initiated by a third party entity in relation to the violations which would include settlement costs and attorney fees.


The user has entire responsibility for receiving any data, service, product or data which the user accesses, buys, receives or downloads while using our services. Such things are out of our control and responsibility. We may, but do not have any obligation to block information, transmissions or access to certain information, services, products or domains to protect the Service, our network, the public or our users. Any third-party content available through our website or services is not published by us and does not fall under the scope of our responsibility. We do not take any responsibility for the content, accuracy, timeliness or delivery of any opinions, advice, statements, messages, services, graphics, data or any other information provided to a third party or received by a third party with the help of our service.

All fees and charges related to products and services of the third party vendors that you access via our services are solely your responsibility. Your personal information might be transferred to third party when you visit websites, purchase products or services, or content through our service. The usage and handling of your information provided to their sites is done through their own privacy and usage policies and not our policies. We are not bound by policies of third party service providers or your compliance or non-compliance with them.

Availability Policy

Location, speed and service coverage areas may vary in quality. Our primary target will be to make the services available at all times except for limited periods for the purpose of necessary repair and maintenance. However, under certain conditions, our services may be unavailable, interrupted, limited or curtailed due to unforeseen circumstances such as emergencies, failures on part of third parties, equipment failure, network limitation, signal issues which are beyond our control.

Any loss of data, pages, messages or any delay, misdirection or non-delivery of information as a result of performance interruptions is not our responsibility. We hold the right to limit our service, block a certain usage kind where we might deem it fit for protection of our users. Estimated network speeds are based on calculations and do not necessarily reflect the exact speeds at which you will be able to retrieve and send data over our service. A number of factors including but not limited to compression, network congestion and configuration determine the speeds. We do not undertake any guarantee for the timeliness and accuracy of received data; omissions or delays might occur.

Accountholder Policy

The account holder has the responsibility of ensuring protection for his/her password. Is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure confidentiality in this regard and any harm resulting from breach of such confidentiality will solely be the liability of the account holder. Where a breach of security has been made, the account holder is completely liable for all the actions and usage until the time it is brought in the knowledge of VPNTOP. Refunds will be issued under the refund policy. All the charges and costs for equipment necessary for connection to our VPN services is the responsibility of the account holder.

Simultaneous Logins
The account is created for individual use only. It is forbidden to simultaneously use the account by more than two individuals.

VPNTOP’s Rights

VPNTOP holds all the rights for immediate termination of an account that is found to violate any clause of this policy. VPNTOP holds the right to issue a notice to the account holder and cancel his/her account at any time.

VPNTOP does not record, log, or monitor activity of our customers. The user, however, agrees to the recording of following data:

  1. Time, Date and Location where a connection through VPN was made.
  2. Duration of the Connection.
  3. Bandwidth usage duration the duration.

This information will be collected and used within VPNTOP’s servers. It enables us to ensure the compliance with our Terms and Conditions. If there is any violation of our terms, a trace log will be used to determine the account guilty of violation. After careful data analysis, we hold the right to terminate the service and/or take further adequate action in this regard.

We may, on the basis of our judgement and without prior information, remove, filter, restrict, or block any information or material which we might consider being an actual or possible violation of the Terms and Conditions set forth. We may also consider blocking, removing, filtering or restricting any activity which, in our opinion, might result in incurring liability to VPNTOP or our customers. VPNTOP disclaims any and all liability in case of failure to prevent such information from being transferred through our service.



In case of any technical difficulties, please don’t hesitate contacting our support team. We do not want to lose you as a great customer due to minor issues. Our support team will be happy to resolve any problems for you before you would like us to consider your request for refund.

Money Back Guarantee

Orders are covered by the money back guarantee, except for the ones made through Google Play Store or the Apple iTunes store. In that case, we would not be able to refund.

Our refund policy adopts a completely transparent procedure.Once a reasonable request for refund is submitted, VPNTOP is bound to complete action on it within the time period of 24 hours from the request time. Based on the policies of your Bank, Card or Payment Service provider, the refund transaction can take up to 30 days. It is important to note that in case you’ve subscribed to our services through usage of PaymentWall or BitCoin, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

A full refund can be claimed if you meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • You are making your first order through your account and this claim does not relate to a renewal.
  • It is not more than 7 days from the date of your order.
  • You are in compliance with all the clauses of our Terms and Services.
  • You have consumed lesser than 1GB of total data which includes upload and download transfer.
  • You have used less than 30 VPN sessions. Connecting with our service is considered equivalent to one session.
  • You have not claimed a refund for another account using this policy.
  • You can send us an email to request cancellation of your subscription along with the reason. State your VPN username to ensure that we may identify you.

In certain cases, where the usage has exceeded the limit of 1GB bandwidth, and your initial order was for more than one month we might offer you a refund. You will be charged for your usage and will be entitled to a partial refund. Such a refund is only available based on our sole discretion.

Cancellation Policy

Our services are sold on subscription and some methods may not support such automated billion options. It is advisable to switch to subscription billion to prevent expiry at odd times to avoid inconvenience.

You have the option to cancel subscription before the date for renewal at any time by using your control panel. In case of any confusion or trouble, you can contact our customer services and they’d be happy to help you out.